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San Antonio, TX, Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

Withdrawal affects the body's way of adjusting to the absence of a frequently-used substance. Whether you're addicted to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine or caffeine, you'll experience withdrawal when you quit using your drug of choice.

Addictive substances stimulate the release of dopamine, a naturally-occurring chemical in the brain that makes you feel good. That's why drugs are so addictive; they increase normal brain dopamine levels. However, the longer you use a substance, the less dopamine your brain will produce. Because your drug of choice is supplying plenty of dopamine, your brain compensates by shutting down its own dopamine production.

Because your brain is now producing only a fraction of its normal dopamine output, you will feel pretty bad for a while after you quit using your drug. It takes time for the brain to reestablish normal dopamine levels; in the meantime, you'll experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can be eased considerably by receiving adequate supervision from trained and caring professionals like the ones at Southwest Wellness and our drug rehab center in San Antonio, Texas. The proper support gives your brain a chance to get your natural brain dopamine levels up to speed again.

Withdrawal effects vary greatly. They can include irritability, depression, lethargy, anxiety, agitation, anger, and other symptoms. The severity of your withdrawal will depend on what you've been using, how much, and for how long.

Although most withdrawal are unpleasant. That's why withdrawal should always take place in our compassionate and professional drug detox clinic in San Antonio under 24/7 supervision.

Regardless of how unpleasant withdrawal might be, you shouldn't let it stop you from getting sober. Many of the clients in our San Antonio addiction recovery facility safely and comfortably undergo withdrawal. On the upside, the worst of the withdrawal process only lasts for about a week. After that, physical symptoms will begin to subside and the remaining symptoms will be mostly psychological, and will pass in time.

Many clients who have detoxed at Southwest Wellness drug rehab centers find relief from psychological withdrawal symptoms with daily moderate exercise, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, getting out in nature, and attending 12-Step support group meetings.

How Our San Antonio, TX, Addiction Treatment Facility Can Help

In our supervised detox clinic, you will be eliminate your dependence on substances gradually. This will reduce withdrawal symptoms and help you to feel more at ease.

Then, clients in our addiction recovery center in San Antonio undergo a complete assessment. This helps us customize a treatment plan designed just for you. Part of our assessment includes screening for dual diagnosis to determine whether you have an underlying mental health disorder. Up to 50 percent of the clients who enter our San Antonio drug rehab facility have a dual diagnosis. If you have a mental health disorder, it must be treated simultaneously with your substance abuse disorder to ensure that you get the treatment you need to heal, recover, and stay sober.

Our safe and stress-free environment encourages clients to fully explore the issues underlying their addiction. Sharing feelings in supportive group therapy sessions creates a strong bond between clients. Sharing with others helps to release stored-up negative emotions that drugs and alcohol have kept under wraps. Working through these painful feelings with others clears the way for positive emotions and sets the stage for a healthy and fulfilling recovery.

An important part of addiction recovery involves dealing with thoughts, feelings, and situations that could trigger a relapse. Our clients learn strategies to cope with triggers and how to avoid high-risk people, places, and things that could send you back into addiction.

Aftercare is an essential part of the program at our San Antonio addiction treatment center. Every client has a personal aftercare plan designed to provide optimal and ongoing support. This is the product of your comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Individual counseling, group therapy, and outpatient treatment can reinforce and build upon what you learned at our substance abuse treatment facility in San Antonio.

After clients are discharged from Southwest Wellness addiction recovery program, we strongly encourage and provide local support group meetings to get involved as quickly as possible in the San Antonio recovery community. Staying sober can be tough when you try to go it alone, but with the help of others, many of our clients are able to maintain long-term sobriety.