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Our Santa Fe, NM Drug Detox Clinic can Help

Are you or a loved one directly dealing with the nightmare of drug or alcohol addiction? If you are, Southwest Wellness is here to help. Our comprehensive substance abuse treatment facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico provides every client with a safe, supervised detox and customized treatment plan during your stay with us. We are here to help and have the resources and commitment to do so.

Supervised Detox is an Integral Part of the Addiction Recovery Process

When you commit to our addiction recovery program in Santa Fe, you will go through an intake process that will consist of giving our caregivers and staff information about your addiction. This will include the drugs that you are taking, how long you have been addicted to them, and any history of drug abuse in the family. This is necessary for us to develop a personalized treatment plan after your detox and for the rest of the rehabilitation process in our Santa Fe addiction treatment facility.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many clients don’t make it through the withdrawal process of rehab. Depending on the nature of the drug abuse, withdrawal symptoms can be mild to severe. Many of our clients have wanted to go through rehabilitation many times, but the fear of withdrawal has kept them away. Dealing with the pain and discomfort of withdrawal is also one of the biggest reasons people end up leaving a drug rehab facility. At our drug detox clinic in Santa Fe, we make sure that our clients are supervised the whole time they are going through detox from whatever they have been on. No one should go through detox alone, quitting cold turkey can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health.

After you go through the detox process, you will begin therapy when you feel like you are physically and mentally ready. However, if you are still suffering from physical symptoms and do not feel as if you are ready, we will never rush the process. We want you to go at your own pace at our Santa Fe addiction recovery center.

Therapy Options through Our Rehabilitation Clinic:

Dual Diagnosis

Our addiction recovery facility in Santa Fe offers the following therapy programs for our clients: individual, group, and family sessions. We also firmly believe in the dual diagnosis approach to rehabilitation. Dual diagnosis is a term that is used for an individual who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder, such as anxiety or depression that contributes to the addiction. When someone is identified with a dual diagnosis, they need a treatment plan that will target each illness simultaneously. Our addiction treatment center in Santa Fe recognizes that around 50% of people who have an addiction also have an additional mental disorder. Treating each illness concurrently is the first step to managing addiction.

Individual and Group Therapy

Our addiction recovery program in Santa Fe offers both individual and group therapy for our clients. Individual therapy helps get down to the root of the dual diagnosis, as well as providing the chance to understand different triggers that have caused them to turn to alcohol or drugs in the past. We employ concerned and compassionate caregivers who will listen closely to each client and offer the best solution and advice possible. Our group therapy sessions also help clients connect with others who have gone through or are currently going through the same challenges. Group therapy is an essential part of the healing process, as many of our clients have come to our clinic feeling as if they are alone in their addiction.

We Offer a Safe and Confidential Recovery Center

Southwest Wellness drug rehab centers are places for you to deal with your addiction without harassment, judgment, or temptation. Getting off drugs and alcohol is not only difficult, it can be impossible if you don’t have the care and support that you need. Call us today and let us set you up with an appointment at our addiction recovery clinic in Santa Fe, New Mexico.